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Established in 2015.

Offices in the United States, Europe, China and Israel.

UPPRO provides proactive & agile inventory management solutions.

We serve global manufacturers and suppliers, managing over 100 suppliers that provide spares and services to our American, Asian and European customers.

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Our Strategy

Our GO SMART! strategy enables us to provide our customers with a worldwide network of total operational and inventory management solutions, as well as sourcing and maintenance optimization services - increasing their operational agility, while reducing business risks.


In an ever-changing world, companies must demonstrate flexibility and speed, so as to meet their clients' specific needs.

Operations across multiple sites, countries, and time zones can lead to significant challenges that inhibit companies' abilities to successfully supply products and services to their clients.

At UPPRO, we employ an advanced and holistic approach.

Our SMART network enables us - and our clients - to see the bigger picture, analyze it, and inject greater seamlessness into our activities.

Our rich experience and deep knowledge of our clients' activities and goals enable us to supply results-based customized solutions and be proactive & innovative.

Our total inventory management solution includes:

1. Inventory management: planning and                          optimization

2. Procurement: supplier management and     

    sourcing services

3. End-to-end accountability: from planning and        purchasing, through all operations to         

    supervision and inventory ownership - aligned

    with clients' needs.

4. Maximizing of resources and operations

5. Funding

As a result, you are free to focus on your core activities, while reducing the risk to your business, saving on total costs and improving your business results.

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